Introducing Abhay Natural Food Processing Unit – Empowering Farmers, Nourishing Communities!

???????? A Journey Rooted in Passion and Innovation ????????

Meet Naveen, a visionary weekend natural farmer and project manager, and Veena KS, an accomplished farmer with a thriving fruit forest in Hunsur. Hailing from the village of Rathnapuri near Hunsur-Mysore district, this dynamic couple has always been driven by their passion for natural food, food processing, and creating market opportunities. Inspired by the immense potential of banana processing, Naveen became the first PMFME ODOP banana beneficiary from Karnataka, working closely with esteemed institutions like CFTRI and the National Research Centre Banana for technology transfer and test marketing. Together, they established the remarkable Abhay Natural Food Processing Unit under the prestigious “Shuddha Aahar” brand.

Naveen and his friends who are agri entrepreneurs have also established “Mysore Raithyodhyami Prathistana” for spreading awareness of the online training of value addition opportunities to help other interested Agri-entrepreneurs and creating market awareness and marketplace for all the produce . Now we are group of 8 agri entrepreneurs with the dream of providing chemical free agri processed produce to the community with limited supply chain management to give the healthy produce at the right price.

???????? Harnessing Support to Cultivate Success ????????

With the support of the PMFME scheme, Abhay Natural Food Processing Unit has blossomed into a confident enterprise, expanding its product line and production capacity. What started with just 3 to 4 products has now flourished into an extensive range of 18 to 20 offerings, including banana powder and other allied products, banana figs, banana fiber extraction, banana special pickles, and dehydrated/powdered fruits and vegetables. Through continuous product innovation and development, Naveen and his team are realizing their dream of establishing a retail chain dedicated to banana-based products in the upcoming year.

???????? Uniting Agri Entrepreneurs for a Healthier Future ????????

Driven by their passion for sustainable agriculture, Naveen and his friends have established “Mysore Raithyodhyami Prathistana.” This noble initiative aims to spread awareness about online training opportunities for value addition in agriculture, helping other aspiring agri entrepreneurs. Additionally, they are dedicated to creating market awareness and a marketplace for all the produce. With a team of 8 agri entrepreneurs, they strive to provide chemical-free, processed agricultural products to the community, ensuring a limited supply chain management approach to deliver healthy produce at the right price.

Join Abhay Natural Food Processing Unit and embark on a journey that celebrates natural farming, supports local communities, and promotes a healthier lifestyle. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the world, one nourishing product at a time.

Visit our website to explore our diverse range of chemical-free, farm-to-table products and join our growing community!

???????? Abhay Natural Food Processing Unit – Cultivating Goodness, Harvesting Health. ????????


Introducing Shuddha Aahar Group – Nurturing Health, Connecting Communities!

???????? A Commitment to Natural Farming and Sustainable Agriculture ????????

Join our community of passionate agri entrepreneurs as we pave the way for a healthier lifestyle through natural farming and chemical-free food processing. Led by the renowned Abhay Natural Farm, recipient of the prestigious Supper star Raita and Vana Thotagarika awards, we are proud to be the 2nd Atmanirbhar Bharat PM FME scheme beneficiary in the country. Our dedication to sustainable agriculture practices sets us apart.

???????? See Our Journey – Ministry of Food Processing Clip ????????

Discover the impact of our small but mighty efforts in the food processing industry. Watch the inspiring clip featured by the Ministry of Food Processing, highlighting our commitment to creating a better, healthier lifestyle through chemical-free produce. Click here to view the clip:

???????? Join Us on the Wheel – Bringing Producers and Community Together ????????

Mark your calendars and prepare for an exciting experience! We invite you to welcome our small retail truck to your community and bridge the gap between producers and consumers. Every Sunday, from 7 am to 10 am, the Shuddha Aahar Group participates in the farmers market at Nexus Whitefield Mall (Forum Neighbourhood Mall). Visit us during these hours and interact with our team. We can’t wait to meet you!

???????? Spreading the Message – Help Us Reach More Communities ????????

Spread the word about the benefits of chemical-free produce by posting on your apartment addas. Let’s ensure that the advantages of sustainable agriculture reach every corner of our Whitefield area. Together, we can create a greener and healthier future.

Join Shuddha Aahar Group today and be part of a community that champions sustainability, supports local farmers, and embraces a wholesome lifestyle. Together, we can make a positive impact on our health and the environment.

For more information and updates, visit our website We eagerly await your invitation to be a part of your community in the upcoming week.

???????? Shuddha Aahar Group – Nurturing Health, Connecting Communities. ????????